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Smooth Moves - Des Moines, Iowa

I'm Looking for Smooth Moves - Why Am I Here?

Smooth Moves was founded back in 2015 by Steve Lappin-Lux with the goal to create a high-quality customer experience in the moving industry. Steve was dedicated to bringing a positive experience to the moving industry in Des Moines and developed a strong brand with great name recognition over the six years he owned and operated it. In late 2020 Steve decided that he was ready to begin a new adventure and wanted to step out of the business.

Enter Mitchell and Joel with You First Moving. With a similar vision and business model, Mitchell and Joel bought Smooth Moves from Steve in late 2020 with the goal of taking over the business but maintaining the high-quality experience and services offered by Steve. Over a year later, Smooth Moves has been integrated into the You First family of businesses and the You First team has worked hard to maintain, keep, and grow Steve's vision. The transition from Smooth Moves to You First is ongoing and continues to this day.

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